Civil Construction

Seabird Integrated Services has in its pool a team of experienced professional engineers that can deliver any civil contrustion. Majority of our engineer has proven work experinces from civil services to private infrastructure development. We build houses, feeder roads, office complex, shopping malls, bore holes and rural water distribution networks, Jetties, pilling services and architectural services.

Our Philosophy

The global trend in international business management now is outsourcing.Companies are outsourcing the support of non-core operational services of their businesses in order to better focus on their core competencies and reap the economies of scale that service providers can offer. Business values are achieved with the support of service providers that provide a number of benefits.These benefits include better logistics management and lower operational costs.

Our Vision

To be the foremost services company globally, surpassing our clients set standards with efficient services in an effective manner that ensure the attainment of set goals and guaranty safety of life, property and the environment while contributing to our national development.


Our partners collaborates with us in providing world class professional services in the various fields of our services. The partnership arrangement also allow us to outsourced support services that directly improve and increase our rate of project deliverability and profits.